Passages to Ponder

From – Beyond Words and Thoughts By Joel Goldsmith Chapter 1   P.12

Excerpt – The Universal and Impersonal Nature of God’s Activity

             The activity of God is like light touching darkness. It does not do anything whatsoever to darkness: it does not heal it, correct it, change it, or remove it. It just reveals that there is none. That is what the activity of God is like. In healing, It does not heal a disease: It just reveals that there is none. It does not reform a sinner: It reveals God’s man, who never sinned.

            There is that part of us which has never sinned, never been sick, was never born, and will never die, and the activity of God is to reveal that man. To our sense, that may remove sin, disease, or lack, but that is only to our limited sense. It does not really do it any more than light removes darkness.

            So it is that what we call a human being, “the natural man,” had an existence only in the universal mind which is separate and apart from God. The whole of the human experience is an imaginary experience, a dream-experience, taking place in the universal mind which does not have its seat in God. The proof of that is that in the moment that you can still that mind and open the door for the Spirit of God to come in, that man is not there any more. That man of sin, disease, and death is just as absent as is the darkness when light touches it. We say that the “old man” has “died” and the “new man” has been “reborn,” but where did the “old man” go?  He did not go any place: he was not there to begin with.


From – Realization Of Oneness By Joel Goldsmith Excerpt-Chapter 1 / Pure Being Page 18

           If you have not learned from the message of The Infinite Way that the only good you are ever going to receive is from within your own consciousness, then you have failed to perceive the nature of its message and mission, which is that God constitutes your consciousness and that through meditation you must draw forth from within your own consciousness the allness and the fulfillment of life.

          Infinity and immortality are made manifest as the consciousness of the individual, and the name of this divine Consciousness, which is our individual consciousness, is I. You must understand that you are not to direct this I, enlighten It, plead with It, or try to be a master of It, but that you are to submit and yield yourself servant to the of your own being, so that your prayer is that I fulfill Itself as your individual experience, that I be the Grace which is your sufficiency, and then let this I which is your true Selfhood govern your life in Its own way.

          When you then go into prayer and meditation, there must be no preconceived idea as to what you want or how you wish your prayer to answered. There must be a complete yielding as you daily realize, “Not my will, but thine, be done.” Do not go to God with your thoughts and do not try to have God fulfill your way, because you will fail. You must go to God, the divine Consciousness of your own being, the very I which you are, with this prayer: “Reveal to me Thy way, Thy will, Thy thought, and this, then, will be my way, my will, and my thought.”


From – The Mystical I

By Joel Goldsmith P.136  The Purpose of The Infinite Way

             Once again let me remind you that the function of The Infinite Way is not merely the healing of disease or the overcoming of sin or of lack. It is rising out of the three-dimensional consciousness, out of the consciousness of good and of evil, into the Fourth Dimension, the illumined consciousness which is aware of the things of God. In this fourth-dimensional realm, you are in an area of consciousness where you not only know the things of God, but you receive the things of God, and you live under the law of God. This is Grace.

          The Master, who of all persons was best known for his realized state of Christ-consciousness, used as his principle “resist not evil” and “put up…thy sword,” which is a recognition that there is no power out in the world, nothing to fight. He understood the non-power of the world of effect.

          You, too must lay the ax to the root, and the root of all evil is the universal belief in two powers, what Paul called “the carnal mind,” the mind of good and evil. Once you understand the principle that all evil is impersonal and that it does not have its rise in any individual, you will begin to have the secret of healing work and the secret of world work, because you will not attach the sin, the disease, the struggle for power, the wrong thinking, or any other thing to an individual.

          That which is anti-Christ, or so-called evil, is the carnal mind, the universal belief in two powers, which constitutes a universal hypnotism. When you have thus impersonalized and recognized the nothingness of this universal belief, you have lifted your consciousness closer to the Christ-consciousness, and then you will discover why you do not have to resist evil. God is not in the whirlwind. Power is not in the evil condition. Power, God, is in the “still small voice.” Do you want God? Do you want God-power? Do you want God’s grace? Then be still! And when the still small voice speaks, you have it. What happens when you are in the inner stillness is that the presence of God is realized, and it does the work, whatever the nature of that work is.

          The importance of this principle is far greater than you can imagine. The realization of God is not so that you or anyone else should find health, abundance, or happiness. Be assured that God has no interest in that at all. If, in The Infinite Way, there were ten thousand or a hundred thousand of us who really attained health, wealth, and happiness, it would still not be too great an accomplishment, since there are millions and millions of people on earth and more being born every day. So our individual regeneration would be practically meaningless.

          It is only insofar as the light coming to you and to me is permitted to be shown forth in the world that we serve any purpose on earth. We were not sent here just to become happy human beings. We were sent here on earth to glorify God, that God’s laws should be made manifest through us and that through us the world might witness the laws of God in operation, the laws that make men free.

          There is a mental inertia that operates universally in this human world, preventing even those who have been taught how to prepare themselves spiritually for the day from doing so. This mental inertia makes them forget to realize God’s presence; it makes them forget to realize that mesmerism or malpractice is not spiritually ordained, and therefore is not operative in the individual consciousness that has realized the Presence. For the person, however, who does engage in daily spiritual preparation, the realization of the presence of God and the nonpower of mesmerism or malpractice nullifies the effects of universal hypnotism, and in some degree these effects are also nullified for the entire world. A group of diligent students could not only free themselves from discords, but they would gradually free their communities, families, neighbors, friends, nations, and eventually free the world.

          Because each of us is so individual, we each play a different part in letting the light of the message shine through us. There are those who may invite members of their family or friends into a group to hear the tape recording, and in that way the light goes out into human consciousness. Some are further developed, and they become practitioners and teachers. Still others may aid in the financing of the different activities of the work, and thereby help to send it out around the world. Eventually, there are those who, perhaps with greater discernment than others at the moment, perhaps with greater preparedness, begin to understand the principles of The Infinite Way in such a way that they individually can be instruments in a greater measure to bring divine Consciousness to human experience. Each plays a part, and no one chooses which part he will play. But whatever is given to anyone as his particular forte, that is the manner in which he must function in this message.