- to the IW Student Contact Center This site is dedicated to those who study the principles and message as set forth by Joel S. Goldsmith in the works of The Infinite Way. It is solely intended for the use of the students.

Please note this site is unofficial and is in no way an attempt to organize The Infinite Way. The only intent of this site is to establish a central place where students studying the writings of Joel might be able to find one another. As a student, by entering your information here, you give other Infinite Way students permission to contact you. You are able to remove your name at any time you wish to do so.

NOTE To Students: Please understand the only purpose of this site is for the use of Infinite Way students to find those of like mind. It is not the intention for this site to be used as a source to solicit students for any purpose. If as a student you are contacted for any reason other than that intended here please notify the site coordinator immediately.

To all students, be wise when you contact another. Since you have been lead to study Joel’s writings, be sure that is what is being used should you attend a tape group meeting. Be sure if you call on a practitioner or a teacher that they are bringing to you the message and principles of The Infnite Way and not their rendition.

NOTE To Teachers & Practitioners: It is asked of you if you are not teaching the principles of The Infinite Way in your work, then please DO NOT sign yourself in as a teacher or a practitioner. Surely you can understand that this site is not then for you as it is dedicated to those who have chosen the path of The Infinite Way.

Welcome, Mary Noack     megacom2@verizon.net

Site Administrator

Dear All,

A dear student is in the process of preparing my classes for this calender year.  If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive information please contact: Renee Wilder  at infiniteway1@hotmail.com 503-887-7476 Please be sure to let her know which City and State you are in so she can determine locations.  And for students outside the United States, we are researching the possibility of offering classes in Europe this year. Please send Renee your interest in such and location ideas.

In loving Oneness, Mary